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I love photographing nature and people.

Check out my PhotoGal and Flickr.


Syllogy - a site for logical debate

Ongoing 2017 (Github)

People have a hard time discussing issues logically. The goal of this app is guide users through logical discussion.

PhotoGal - photo gallery software

Using to display personal photo collection. Weekend project June 2017 (Github)

Yet another photo gallery, built for beauty and simplicity for the power user. Written in Ruby and JavaScript.

Data Structure Drawing Tool (

In operation since 2013 (Github)

Easy way to draw data models for software projects. Written with AngularJS and Ruby on Rails.

Cloud Foundry Architecture analysis

At University of Minnesota, 2012

Group final project in the U of M course Software Architecture, taught by Professor Mike Whalen.

Strokewise Kanji Finder

Proof of concept complete, 2011 (Github)

Look up Japanese characters by typing brush strokes in various directions.

Autoregulation of tissue oxygenation

© Hutchinson Technology, 2011

Initially when viewing the graph, the animation is hidden. Click the down arrow in the upper right to begin.

Drag the black dot left and right along the graph to change the local blood pressure (caused by serious problems elsewhere in the body).

Blood flows from the heart through arteries (not shown) into smaller arterioles (shown in red on right) and into even smaller capillaries where oxygen is passed into body tissue. Blood without oxygen turns blue and flows back into venules, and from there into veins and back to the heart.

To maintain the body's target oxygenation in the tissue, the arteriole expands and contracts. It responds to low blood pressure by expanding so more blood can flow, and vice-versa.

Tissue oxygenation can be measured in terms of the metric StO2 (percentage blood oxygenation) using InSpectra, a product of Hutchinson Technology. StO2 is different than the more commonly known SpO2 measured using pulse oxymeters which measure the oxygen by a similar optical means, but with totally different results. By measuring in the fingernail where there are no muscles to consume oxygen, the oxygen reading is almost always within a few percent of 100%. Healthy StO2 is usually closer to 80%, and when the body encounters shocking conditions, it the StO2 will drop substantially (to 60% or lower) whereas SpO2 will stay the same unless the patient is having respiratory problems.

Patent Piler

Public domain, 2009

Tool for analyzing United States patents, including

  • Highlighting differences between claims
  • Selecting claims by type
  • Highlighting keywords

Violin Audio Detection

March 2006

Used Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients in Matlab to detect a musical instrument in audio recordings.


Written circa 2004

Two-player (one keyboard) flash game. Just for fun, an exercise in replicating the gameplay behavior of two dueling spaceships in the game Subspace Continuum.

WADS + [Tab] for player 1

Arrow Keys + [Enter] for player 2

Long Valley Equipment

Designed in 2003

Designed and maintaining website for Long Valley Equipment which sells special equipment for cinematographers.